Information från Biogen & Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Företagen Biogen och Ionis Pharmaceuticals har nyligen publicerat en uppdatering gällande de kliniska prövningar som är aktuella för SMA. NSMA väljer att publicera detta då det ger en bra sammanfattning om några viktiga kliniska studier som pågår i världen. Biogen & Ionis release update on the development of Nusinersen Dear members of the SMA community, In response to your requests for information, we want to provide an update on the status of our investigational program and its direction to you and the many families around the world who are touched by SMA. Since our last community post, we have made important progress in moving the compound development program forward. Enrollment is now completed in both of our Phase 3 studies, CHERISH (childhood-onset) and ENDEAR (infant-onset), as well as our Phase 2 EMBRACE study. These are important milestones for the nusinersen program and both Phase 3 studies remain on track to complete in the first half of 2017. The open-label SHINE study remains open for patients who have completed participation in ENDEAR and CHERISH, as well as patients who have completed the open-label Phase 2 study in childhood-onset SMA patients. Ionis recently presented additional data from the open-label Phase 2 study in infants at the [...]